Powern Man Herbal Supplement For Men 10 PCS In Dubai

  1. Boost sexual timing and satisfaction.
  2. Achieve stronger and firmer erections.
  3. Herbal alternative to Viagra, no side effects.
  4. Safe and effective for men’s sexual enhancement.


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Power Man Capsules

Introducing Power Man capsules is the best quick solution for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation issues. It’s 100% herbal without any side effects and gives long sexual timing and a strong penis erection.

Boosted Sexual Timing

It’s produce by Dr. . James Herbal Company USA, and it’s made with special ingredients like maca root and other precious ingredients. When used half an hour before sexual activity, it will give more than 30 minutes of sexual timing.

Strong Penile Erection

It has unique properties that increase blood flow to the penis and are able to make the penis strong and harder to erection during sexual activity without any side effects.

Power Man Capsule: A Herbal Viagra Alternative?

This pill you can use as a viagra alternative because it has the same benefits but is made with herbal ingredients, which do not have the same side effects that Viagra does to the body.

Side Effects:

As we explained earlier, it is made with herbal ingredients and does not have any side effects that can harm the body. It’s safe to use when ever planning to do sexual activity with a partner.

How to Use Power Man Capsules?

It is a small bottle that you can keep in your pocket or any other place you want. Just take 1 pill half an hour before sexual activity and get strong penis erection and long sexual timing with boosting libido.


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